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All our guards, have the ANSP COURSE.

Our team is highly reliable both security personnel, and technically. Are subjected to a selective and exhaustive selection process, hiring, training and training, as required by the Law on Private Security Services, who come to guarantee the customer a reliable, effective and efficient.

Plus as a bonus they undergo a polygraph test reliability, Psychological Test and Psychometric Test, which is required if they are happy to provide our customers. By repeating these tests in a time span of three months, in order to monitor mental health and reliability of our staff. For our staff carrying out functions armed security guards are trained through a program and consistent training course:

* Guns and Shooting
* Public Relations
* First Aid.
* Evacuation of personnel in case of disaster.
* Using extinguishers.
* Human rights.
* Etiquette.
* Laws of the Republic and procedures
   Police such as:
   Techniques handcuffing, use of tonfa baton.