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BATALLON AGUILA SA de CV; has its operations duly approved by the Division of Private Security Services of the National Civil Police (PNC) according to the number Authorization for Operation Number 188 / ASP / FUN, dated 30 January 2006, also we counted number registration of commercial companies, registered in the Register of commercial companies, and authorization code the Ministry of National Defense: 0103-240805-101-3. Our company’s like our security personnel is identified by the number 188.

International organizations also support the operational work that the human resource of the Aguila Battalion. Work carried out in different security.


BATALLON AGUILA SA de CV is formed by a team of professionals specialized in different areas of comprehensive security, thereby achieving efficiency in the daily security processes. Also, our cadres are constantly being trained to translate for our customers our experience. Human resource Eagle Battalion SA de CV has values ​​that characterize such as honesty, discipline, preparation (police and military personnel with experience) with a high degree of professionalism and high sense of responsibility. It is not our job to show other services rendered during recent years to multiple companies Telecommunications sector, industry, education, Cafetalero, services, professional sector, government and international companies.