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We are a company that provides security and surveillance facilities, people, goods custody, VIP security, polygraphy and advice in the field. A government institutions, private, national and international company. Our staff prior to implementation of services makes a diagnosis of risks, and provides the necessary advice for hiring the service will result in a timely effectiveness.

All of the above is carried out by maintaining an excellent relationship with institutions such as the PNC of the sector where the project, armed forces and national fire is provided, which generates an aggregate value of efficiency in the care of any eventuality where affected the integrity or assets of our customers.

BATALLON AGUILA was founded with the objective of providing global armed security services. Our company is committed to meet all the security needs of our customers to establish a long-term relationship. Our armed security services are focused on all security fields and our services have been expanded around the world. Our workforce (TCN’s) is highly reliable and able to exercise human subject protection functions in providing security services in high-risk and non-risk environments worldwide.



Being the leader in private security through its cadre of professionals with the most innovative solutions that demand comprehensive security.


Expand comprehensive security services by combining the human and technological factor characterized by quality, reliability and professionalism


Provide comprehensive and global security services worldwide; oriented to satisfy the Security needs of our customers in any security environment.